Primary Education in Poor Urban Areas of Nairobi

Site Selection

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Out of a list issued by CCN Education Department comprising 46 schools  located within or at the fringe of Nairobi slum areas, 23 schools
were pre selected and visited between August 1st and August 3rd.October 2005 by members of the PIU (Project Implementation Unit) and the IC.

The data collected and the information provided was taken as basis for the selection of eligible schools. Information about activity of school
committees and presence of functional SMC’s (School Management Committees) were gathered during the site visits.

The proposals for Rehabilitation, Extension and New Construction of schools were discussed within the PIU and the CED (City Education 






Building Package 1:

01. Mathare 4A           


New Construction and Rehabilitation

Building Package 2:

02. Mukuru Kayaba


New Construction

03. St. Elizabeth


New Construction

04. Baba Dogo


New Boundary Wall

Building Package 3:

05. James Gichuru


Rehabilitation + New Kitchen, New Administration, New Classroom, New Toilets

06. Wangu


Rehabilitation + New Kitchen, New Administration, New Classroom, New Toilets

07. New Kihumbuini


New Construction

Building Package 4:

08. Kinyanjui Road


New Construction and Rehabilitation

09. Ngei


New Construction and Rehabilitation

10. Zawadi


New Construction and Rehabilitation

11. Ruai


New Construction


P: Public School, NF: Non Formal School,


Following a procedure considering the eligibility of the visited schools, 11 schools were prioritized by the PIU for rehabilitation and extension.
All 11 short listed schools are situated within or at the fringe of an informal settlement area in Nairobi and are mixed schools with an equal enrolment by gender.

In January 2005 - 201.576 pupils attended Nairobi primary schools whereof 100.224 were boys and 101.352 were girls.
( Enrolment Statistics).

The following criteria were applied in prioritizing schools 

Entry criteria:

1.   Catchment area:                 Location in an informal settlement or at the periphery and serving at least 50% of pupils in
                                                   slum areas
2.   Established SMC:              Established and operational SMC. 

Supplementary criteria for Non-formal schools were:

3. Registration:                        Registration as non-profit organization (CBO,NGO, Trust)  

4. Complementary criteria:   Adequate accounting mechanisms, Educated Chairman of Management      Board, Parents 
                                     represented in the Management board.

5. Commitment:                      Commitment to follow formal curriculum

6. Quality standard:                Minimal quality standard certified by School inspector.

Selection Criteria:

In order to determine the eligibility and the need of each individual school a selection system, based on points has been developed

According to the following weighting:

7. Need  :                                    Ccatchments area justifies intended building measures

8. Space Requirements :          students /class, sqm / student

9. Condition of Infrastructure:   Justifies rehabilitation / new construction of classrooms

10.  Availability of land:             Size> 10.000 m2, availability of Land Title / Land Lease

11. Exclusivity of Site:               Occupation of the site by only one intervening body (donor)


Subsequent to the site visits and the evaluation of the different criteria, the PIU established a prioritized list of schools based on needs
analysis and the achieved score, from which a short list was drawn for the programme.
Also considered was the geographical location of an eligible school in order to achieve an equitable distribution within the seven Nairobi divisions.

A construction order of sites has also been taken into consideration bearing in mind the logistics of supervision of the works and cost effectiveness. Therefore schools in close geographic proximity can be constructed at the same time and consequently have been placed in
the same, or in the adjoining building package.

The execution of works will be carried out in four building packages. After tendering of the first package a better picture of the current prices
will emerge and facilitate a decision on the total number of measures.

The total investment of construction funds shall not exceed 8 Million € (incl. furniture and learning materials).

As a result of the said considerations the neediest cases were suggested to be prioritised.

Poor Urban Area/Slum Play Field Mathare 4A_BMZ_site_visit

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